We remove all kinds of items including: Household items; Furniture; Major Appliances; Demolition & Renovation; Yard Waster; Appliances along with Junk and Trash, to name but a few.
No, we do not. In this case it is best to call your municipal phone number and find out where you can properly dispose of hazardous waste.
Yes we are! All our trucks and labourers are fully licensed and insured in case of accidental damage or injury. We are also licensed by the Ministry of Environment to haul away household and commercial junk.
Yes we do! We are proud of our track record of donating any reusable furniture, electronics, clothing and homewares to local charities. We even donate construction debris to Habitat for Humanity, plus recycle paper, metals, concrete and various other materials, trying to keep as muchjunk out of landfills as possible.
We normally charge by volume in terms of how much space your junk takes up in our truck. However, if you are looking to dispose heavy material such as concrete or plaster, then surcharges may apply as we need to account for the additional disposal fees.
Along with offering you the most professional and friendly service in the GTA, we do all the loading and clean up for you and our charges reflect only the volume of junk we remove. However, when you rent a bin you have to pay for the entire volume, regardless of how much space you utilize.